Jaret is a serial entrepreneur in it’s truest form. He started his first business at the age of 12. As he grew up his creative mind was always dreaming of the next big idea. By his early 20’s he had already started a family, a business and purchased several properties.

He utilized the construction skills he had developed at a very young age to build one of the countries first design build companies located in Northern California, where he would go on to manage projects and provide design build services to some very well known Athletes, Celebrities as well as some of Silicon Valleys brightest technology minds in the mid 90’s.

In 1994 Jaret purchased his first investment property, instantly hooked he quickly became known as ” the flipper”.  He has bought, fixed and flipped nearly 25 million in real estate in multiple states since he started.  Although he loved getting his hands dirty and using his natural design skills and building experience the years of hard work and long days away from his young family along with several construction related injuries began to take their toll.

Jaret obtained his real estate license in 1998 and applied his work ethic and used his real estate knowledge to help his RE/MAX office become #1 in sales production in California and Hawaii and #4 in the world. His “out of the box” approach to the business and client centric model took him to the Top 10% in Real Estate Sales Worldwide for 5 years.

His hard work and dedication had made him a millionaire before the age of 30. His family resided in one of the most sought after communities in Northern California.  Even with his success he felt a burning desire to return to his small town roots and build his vision.  So he packed up his family and moved to Boise Idaho.

Jaret’s initial thirst for success was fueled by the desire to obtain the things in life he never had growing up. He set goals that many believed were unobtainable, which only fueled him to exceed them!

In 2009 amidst the largest financial and real estate market crash since the “Great Depression”, Jaret founded Vision Real Estate in Boise Idaho.  His company was one of the countries first cloud-based real estate brokerage models.  His business model was extremely forward thinking and utilized technology and a very progressive compensation model to connect agents and consumers.  He understood for years that the advent of the internet would change the real estate business for consumers and agents forever.

Today he manages his brokerage and supports his team of advisors, invests in real estate and continues to share his passion that the real estate industry is changing right before your eyes.  Jaret has a very clear vision of the real estate world and business today from his first hand experience.  He enjoys speaking to real estate professionals and using his experience to mentor and coach others to exceed their goals in life. 

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